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More valuable tools to help you make the most of your sudoku experience!

Helpful Websites

SudokuWiki - Strategy Families -- Possibly the most comprehensive strategy guide on the web. Highly recommended for expert Sudoku competitors!

Brain Bashers -- A concise resource of solving techniques for players of all skill levels.

Astraware Sudoku -- Provides clear-cut explanations on how to solve Sudoku puzzles of all difficulties.

Expert Village -- Are you a audio/visual learner? Steve Kennedy assesses an assortment of personal video tutorials on easy to expert level puzzles.

Sudoku History

Sudoku Essentials -- A brief history of Sudoku from a site that has everything from tips on creating and solving Sudokus to literature, merchandise and the puzzles themselves.

Spiritus Temporis -- An up-to-date briefing of the history of the world's most popular puzzle.

Sudoku-World -- "This section contains far more than you need to know about Sudoku, and is included for the sake of completeness. There's no need to read on unless you want to know everything..."

The History of Sudoku -- "This article will outline the puzzle's origins, how it came to be so popular, and where we can expect the history of sudoku to take us tomorrow."

Guardian -- "So you thought Sudoku came from the Land of the Rising Sun" -an article about the history of Sudoku by David Smith, Sunday 15 May 2005

World Puzzle Championship History -- A documentation of World Puzzle Champions including World Sudoku Champions provided by the World Puzzle Federation.

Mathematical Publications

The Mathematics of Sudoku -- An insightful exposition on how to solve an assortment of expert level Sudoku puzzles. Tom Davis reveals crucial solving methods with clarity and occasional logic notation.

An Integer Programming Model for the Sudoku Problem -- Andrew C. Bartlett and Amy N. Langville communicate a well refined mathematical account of both creating and solving the latest craze in logic puzzles.

Taking Sudoku Seriously -- Bringing her readers to a higher level of understanding, Laura Taalman displays an intriguing explanation of Sudoku and its variants.

The Hidden Logic of Sudoku -- A new conceptual framework for solving Sudoku puzzles with pure logic, by Denis Berthier.

Sudoku Enumeration Problems -- An intense display of calculative brilliance on behalf of four highly respectable mathematicians. This link provides a beautiful and expansive culmination of articles and tables to enlighten the inquisitive mind.

Mathematics of Sudoku -- The innominate author of this web page offers an array of enumerative statistics as well as an abstract mathematical statement to describe 'upper level' Sudoku puzzles.