Sudoku Republic

Sudoku Republic


The people who have helped shape the game and culture of Sudoku.

Brewer, Ryan (United States, 27 September 1985 - ) Founder and owner of

Euler, Leonhard (Switzerland, 15 April 1707 - 18 September 1783) World-renowned mathematician and physicist. Creator of latin squares, the game from which Sudoku derives.

Greenspan, Gideon (England, 1976 - ) Founder and owner of the world's most popular Sudoku website, Greenspan also owns several other useful businesses.

Garns, Howard (United States, 2 March 1905 - 6 October 1989) Architect and original creator of the Sudoku puzzle.

Gould, Wayne (New Zealand, 3 July 1945 - ) Hong Kong judge from New Zealand who greatly popularized Sudoku in Great Britain after retirement.

Mrozowski, Jan (Poland, 1987 - ) Winner of the controversial 2009 World Sudoku Championship held in Zilina, Slovakia. Mrozowski is the third declared World Champion of Sudoku by the World Puzzle Federation.

Shortz, Will (United States, 26 August 1952 - ) Crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times since 1993. Shortz is the first and only person in the world to obtain a college degree in enigmatology (the study of puzzles). He founded the World Puzzle Championship in 1992 and has authored or edited over 100 books, many of which are collections of Sudoku puzzles.

Snyder, Thomas(United States) Two time winner of the World Sudoku Championship presented by the World Puzzle Federation. Snyder was declared 'World Champion' in Prague, Czech Republic in 2007 and again in Goa India in 2008. Snyder also claimed title to the 2006 U.S. Puzzle Championship.

Tylova, Jana (Czech Republic, 1974 - ) First winner of the World Sudoku Championship presented by the World Puzzle Federation in Lucca, Italy in 2006.