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Who we are and why our site is the best!


At it is our intended purpose to provide and maintain the most expansive, challenging and innovative sudoku website in the world. We support an endless supply of sudoku puzzles, tutorials and variations for our guests. It is our mission to present the most useful sudoku website in an intuitive and easy to navigate package. We aim to continually modify and expand our enterprise so that you can constantly utilize our services knowing that we are the best at what we do! We are a valuable resource for exploring and cultivating the Sudoku landscape. To ensure your confidence, we make our services and objectives explicit to our audience on this page. We hope to create a website as creative, intriguing and elegantly simple as the Sudoku Puzzle itself. Most of all, we are here to help you have fun!


Our Puzzles
At, we offer the best puzzles you can come by. Many books and websites rate the difficulty of their puzzles based on the number of given clues or the opinions of their players or creators. These methods are rudimentary, subjective and lack in their mathematical integrity. Often times, those other sites actually only provide one level of logical difficulty--easy! It's a no brainer. At, we do not accept anything but the best. We offer logically sound rated puzzles as well as the tutorials to help you get through them. Take a look at our tutorials or difficulty articles to see what truly defines the logical difficulty of a puzzle.

All our pentillions of puzzles are symmetric (with the exception of the order 4 Latin Squares), and each of our puzzles is categorized by its logical difficulty. Furthermore, all our puzzles present the minimum number of given clues, which means if any given clue along with its symmetric counterpart were removed, the puzzle would either be unsolvable or would belong to a different difficulty level. The only exception to these rules are the beginner level puzzles. The beginner level puzzles require the exact same logical tactics as the easy level puzzles and provide more than the minimum number of clues.

Using a special set of logic-based sovers, has created a difficulty system that can't be beat! We are here to offer you the best in the business, and that is precisely what we do.

Our Tutorials
Want to improve your Sudoku skills? At, we offer trillions of free Sudoku tutorials to help you be all you can be. Whether you are still learning the basic rules of Sudoku or you are playing at the most advances skill levels, our tutorials will prove to be a valuable resource in refining your skills. Each tutorial puzzle trains your eyes and mind to see the logical tricks, traps and troves of the trade. Using multi-colored real-time displays along with trillions of unique written explainations, these tutorials supply the greatest training resource on the web! If you're the novice everyone has to be patient to teach, or if you're Leonhard Euler himself, you can't go wrong with

Our Resources doesn't just sit on the couch offering you the vastly most expansive set of Sudoku puzzles on the web, no. After working long hours in the puzzle fields, harvesting the well agricultured horizon of Sudokus, we set your table and prepare your food. We clean the house, wash your sheets and do the dishes. We make it our ambition and obligation to present the best immaginable website for every possible task in the Sudoku realm. Whether you're discovering the game that has swept the nations for the first time or you are contriving the most exhaustive mathematical and historical volume of literature to ever expound this jubilant puzzle, is proactive in serving your wants, needs, hopes and dreams. While our dynamic glossary is radically expansive and continually growing, we realize that some enthusiasts may want a broader range of authors and sources. So, to accomidate for our most assiduous itinerants, we have included an exceptional online resource section.

Our Glossary
The glossary section of not only provides valuable information about puzzles, terminology and logical tactics--it is the backbone to the intricacy of our site. Many of the entries contain links to articles about the different sizes, difficulties, etc. provided by Each of these pages can also be found through the corresponding puzzle pages. Links are found at the bottom of these articles leading back to the glossary or to the respective puzzle page. We have put a great amount of effort into bringing you a website as exciting and intricate as the puzzles themselves.


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